Saturday, January 20, 2001


hello... and good afternoon - I think that I am going to go see "Chocolat", Johnny Depp is in it and as a fan... I feel the urge to gaze upon his beauty :) Speaking of Johnny Depp... My friend is now obesessively infatuated with him! I guess it's kind of my "fault" because I showed her some of the movies he's in and told her to download some stuff by the band he's in and showed her all these awesome websites dedicated to him... and lo and behold... she's hooked! Who wouldn't be!? It's just that I feel like she's "stolen" my thunder... ya know? I felt really sort of special because none of my other friends really were hooked on Johnny Depp... *sigh* Sometimes she calls herself "Mrs. Depp" that simply makes me want to hit her. Oh well :) such is life... hehehe enough of my mindless chatter...


ciao - i wish that i could speak fluently in italian... after i get done with spanish that's my next lingustic (is that the right word?) goal... ah well... it will be awhile - @least spanish and italian are pretty close... ^_^

"Chocolat" that movie looks quite intriguing :) Perhaps that is because Johnny Depp is in it *drools* hehe... Yes... he's a beautiful man and an incredible actor (: Somehow I got my friend started on this Johnny Depp obesessive infatuation... It kinda pisses me off though because she never even really paid attention to him or his movies (except for "Sleepy Hollow") until I told her about him and showed her some of the movies he's in! And I feel really stupid for feeling all pissed off. But HEY! She sort of took over MY love for Johnny Depp... Now she calls herself Mrs. Depp sometimes and it really miffs me. *sigh* Oh well... I am content with being another admirer from afar :) --- bye